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The Gift of a Peaceful Morning

This morning as my dogs and I made our way down the driveway for our morning walk, I was struck with gratefulness. In the cold, wet winter, walks are rare, but spring is here is full force. Sometimes the rain keeps us inside, other times the sun has difficulty shining through the dreariness of an overcast morning making it too dark to walk. 

Today was different. 

After days of rain and gray clouds, this morning was so bright and peaceful. I whistled for my dogs and was answered by the snort of a deer hidden in the brush. I walked down my driveway, my feet crunching on gravel and seed pods from the sweet gum tree that stands as a tall sentry overseeing all that occurs below. I stopped to listen to the birds singing to each other from the treetops, their songs ushering in the plethora of spring mornings to come. All these things remind me to embrace the calm every day, to soak up every opportunity for peace that is presented.

How will you seek peace today?

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