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Finding Cozy Through Your Five Senses

As winter takes hold of the landscape by blowing cold winds that strip trees bare and each morning’s frost drapes a chilly blanket on fields, walkways, and forests, the weather pushes us inside to seek out warmth and coziness.

When we hear the word cozy, things like soft blankets, warm fires, and comfy chairs come to mind. But what if we went beyond the basics and chose to surround ourselves with cozy things that appeal to each of our senses? What if we took the time to cocoon ourselves in cozy surroundings making our homes softer, slower, and gentler for the season? When the days are dreary and we wait patiently for the return of green grass and trees and the warm sunshine on our faces, we can make our homes a place of respite and peace.


On gray days and dark nights, light can be just the right thing to elevate a mood. In this season, it is common to find candles, fires, lamps, and twinkle lights glowing in homes to bring visual warmth. It is also a season for visual textures. In my home, I put up thicker curtains with a warm pattern and add new pillow covers. These are two things I change with the seasons to create visual interest.

Maybe watching a movie that is your favorite or a movie that sets the right mood brings visual coziness. Or maybe it is a particular color you use in your d├ęcor, an art piece that you love, pictures of your friends or family, or curling up with just the right book that brings the cozy.

Another way to appeal to our sight is to create an environment that fits our definition of cozy. For me, I like clear counters and tables to decrease visual clutter. Others fill tables and shelves with loved items that inspire sweet memories of people or experiences. Whatever your preference, create a visual environment that speaks to you.

What do you use to create a visually cozy environment?


Curling up in a comfy chair or couch under a warm, soft blanket is a simple way to make any place cozy. We can also create the feeling of coziness by leaning against soft pillows, sitting in front of a crackling fire, taking a shower or bath, wrapping our hands around a warm mug, or snuggling in bed.

What do you use to create a feeling of coziness?


When the chilly days begin to take over, our favorite cold weather meals work their way back into our meal rotation. Our crockpot works overtime cooking soups and chili, my husband bakes crusty loaves of bread, and my daughter keeps the oven busy with cookies of all shapes and flavors. Hot drinks like tea, coffee, and spicy cider warm up cold mornings.

What are your favorite cozy meals or drinks?


Stepping into the house after a long day of work to be greeted by the savory, spicy smell of chili in a crockpot brings almost instant coziness. And is there anything that smells better than baking bread? The tastes that bring coziness also fill our house with delicious scents.

Another way to appeal to your sense of smell is through candles, wax melts, and essential oil diffusors.

What is your favorite way to bring cozy smells into your home?


The sounds we purposefully bring into our homes or the noises that naturally occur in our day-to-day lives can both set the mood for coziness. Music is an obvious way to create the atmosphere you desire in your home. Maybe you use some soft classical or instrumental music as a backdrop to reading a good book or working on a favorite hobby. Maybe Motown classics or the music of Crooners sets just the right mood for an evening cooking and baking in the kitchen. Or your favorite songs of the present and the past can encourage a little impromptu family dance party.

Soup simmering on the stove, or the fire crackling, or a cat purring in your lap can all set the mood for coziness. Maybe the sound of a storm rolling in, when the thunder rumbles gently in the distance brings coziness. Or maybe it’s silence you desire. 

What sounds set the mood for your coziness?


There are many ways to create a cozy home that is tailored specifically to you. Take some time to really think and ask yourself questions about what appeals to you personally and how you can use your senses to create a peacefully cozy environment.

Best wishes for a cozy season!